Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

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Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour .

08:00 We ride to Laos for 2 days trip, this is amazing trip to see dmz area such as : Vinh Moc tunnels , Hien Luong bridge , Ben Hai river after that we ride ahead to Khe Sanh combat base .. Overnight in Khe Sanh town .

Date 2 : Khe Sanh to Lao Bao border – Savanakhet

08:00  We have breakfast before we cross to border where you can do laos visa if you do not yet . We check in laos and vietnam immigration .

10:00 . We ride to Savanakhet on the way we will see local famer village and take photos ,

12:00  Have lunch

13:30 . Continue to Savanakhet . Check in hotel . end of trip

Thing to know :

Types of border crossings

Vietnam has two types of border crossings — international and local. As you may suspect, international crossings are generally open to all foreign nationalities who are in possession of a valid passport and visa, while local crossings are open only to locals (on each side of the border) who are able to cross back and forth using some form of border pass. The international crossings are the only ones covered in this section.

Vietnam has over a dozen international overland border crossings. These allow overland travel to Cambodia (via five crossings), Laos (via six crossing) and China (at least two crossings). You can also arrive by air at Hanoi, Saigon and Da Nang international airports.

Popular crossings

The most popular overland border crossing to  Laos is the Lao Bao  and cau treo crossing is the most popular.

Dansavanh / Lao Bao

This was the first land border between Laos and Vietnam to open for international travellers, it was for a long time the most popular, but many now opt for the more northern crossing near Lak Xao instead. This crossing is convenient for Hue in Vietnam and Savannakhet in Laos. Lao visas are available

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Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

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