Hue street foods

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Hue street foods  . We have specifically designed a tour that is focused on showing off our favorite spots for Hue food and recipes  a tasting menu style. Throughout the night we will travel from various locations in Hue on a motorcycle tour while we eat local food and drink  our way .

Our focus for this tasting menu is to introduce our guests to Hue Street Food which offering the chance to eat what we find to be delicious  recipes in an order that you would expect to experience at a restaurant.

What is the atmosphere like during the tour?

We will be visiting local Hue Street food Vendors on the street or in small local Hue style restaurants so please be prepared to be outdoors in the open air for most of the tour . The atmosphere is light and fun with a focus on enjoying great Vietnamese food. It is truly like going to a dinner party with local Vietnamese, except this one moves! Guests will be paired with an English speaking local guide who will be with them through the whole tour to help explain all of the Hue food on the tour. Also the opportunity for guests to learn more about Vietnamese culture from a real local.

Departure : 11 A.M  & 17:00 P.M

Duration : 4 Hours

Vehicles : Motorbike with drivers , Cyclo , Bicyclo

Pick up & Drop off at Hotel

Price : $29 per person – Included : Foods , water , motorbike with guide

Price : $39 per person – Included : Foods , water , cyclo tours , local guide

Price : $29 per person – Included : Foods , water , bicyclo , local guide

10 Foods That Should Be on Your List for a True

(1) Banh Khoai – Hue pancake

(2) Bun Bo Hue – Hue beef vermicelli soup

(3) Banh Loc – Filtered tapioca dumplings

(4) Banh Beo – Steamed rice discs topped with shrimp

(5) Ram It – Sticky rice dumplings on a fried dumpling

(6) Banh Nam – Steamed flat rice dumplings

(7) Banh Uot – Hue wet rice paper

(8) Bun Thit Nuong – Grilled pork vermicelli

(9) Nem Lui – Grilled chopped meat

(10) Ca Phe Sua – Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk


Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

Hue street foods

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