Motorbike for Sale

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Motorbike for sale , if you would like to riding a long journey you should to buy second hand bike for cheapest way after that we can sell other travellers or travel agency everywhere in Vietnam , Our bikes have real paper of bikes so it was so easy and no get trouble of selling or problem on the street .


Nouvo Automatic Bike – Scooter – Professional bike

If you are looking for long jouney trip in Vietnam , Motorbike is the best way to discover through to village and avoid highwayI , You ride along Ho Chi Minh trail roads , stopp at some of city without traveller such as : Buon Me Thuot , Daclat , Kontum………….

Note : If you decide to buy secondhand bikes please make sure that the paper of bike real one , not fake one  , if you buy somewhere else who recommend by motorbike driver on the street or cycle ,or guide who you met on the street , please be cafeful . 

The fake paper of bike , you could not sell again and you have problem with police because most of them have stolen bike .


Yamaha Nouvo Motorbike – 115cc Fully Automatic for Sale


Win Honda Motorbike for Sale



Wave Honda Motorbike for Sale






Call the seller: 0985005113 ( Vietnam phone )

Call the seller: 0084985005113 ( Oversea phone call )

Please contact us if you decide to buy secondhand bike – We will bring bike to your hotel

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