2 Day Tours

Phong Nha to Hue by motorbike tours

Phong Nha to Hue by motorbike tours
Duration: 2days/1night
Price: $150
Transports: motorbike with english driver

Phong Nha to Hue by motorbike tours. 2days / 1 night. This is the best way to see dmz – Vietnam war which is Vinh Moc tunnels , Doc Mieu combat base , Hien Luong bridge and Ben Hai river….. read more

Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour

Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour
Duration: 2 days/1night
Transports: motorbike tour

Rate this post Hue to savanakhet by motorbike tour . 08:00 We ride to Laos for 2 days trip, this is amazing trip to see dmz area such as : Vinh Moc tunnels , Hien Luong bridge , Ben Hai … read more

Hue – A Luoi Ethnic town – Hoi An

Hue to prao
Duration: 2 Days tour with Hue Motorbike Adventure Team
Price: $190
Transports: Motorbike with guide , Helmet , Gas , entrance fee , Road fee , Accommodation , Fruit salads , water

Hue – A luoi ethnic town – Hoi An . A small town on a plateau among the hills, surrounding by ethnic minority villages, A Luoi doesn’t get a lot of western visitors, but you’re guaranteed a lot of smiles and curiosity.
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Hoi An in 2 Days Trip

Hue motorbike adventue
Duration: 2 Days Tour
Price: $60
Transports: Motorbike with English speaking driver

Hoian in 2 days trip with Local Motorbike guide adventure through to village ,tombs , pagoda , lagoon ,waterfall , Beach , Hai Van Pass. Marble Mountain …….
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Hue – DMZ – Phong Nha caves

paradise cave
Duration: Phong Nha cave and Paradise cave in 2 Days tour
Price: $140 for 2days /1 night
Transports: Motorbike with driver , Gas , Parking ,Meals, road fee , water , coffee , Acommodation

Designated a Unesco World Heritage site in 2003, the remarkable Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia
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Phong Nha caves – DMZ – Hue

hue to hoian by motorbike tours
Duration: 2 days / 1 nights
Price: $150
Transports: Motorbike , Helmet , Gas , Water , Meals , Accommodation

Vinh Moc (Vịnh Mốc) is a tunnel complex in Quảng Trị, Vietnam. During the Vietnam War it was strategically located on the border of North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The tunnels were built to shelter people from the intense bombing in Vinh Linh county of Quảng Trị Province in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone read more