Road Trip From Hue to Hoi An

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Road Trip From Hue to Hoi An , get away busy highway I , We ride through to Phu Vang Countryside fishing village  , City of ghost where Vietnamse who lived in Uk or American send money to built amazing tombs for their parents ( it cost from $ 20.000 – $ 200.000  , more than 20.000 tombs like that )  Ocean view on the left side  , Lagoon on the right side , Experience the majetic view over the Hai Van Pass .Vung Voi Waterfall . Marble Mountain …



Road trip from Hue to Hoi An

8h00. Our guide pick up at hotel through to country village to see daily life of local along the coast and then we stop at :

* City of Ghost :An Bang is a quiet village near Thuan An Beach, about twenty kilometers East of Hue. The locals call it City of Ghosts. In a bizarre variation of keeping up with the Joneses, the villagers compete to build increasingly lavish and elaborate tombs for their ancestors, and even sometimes for family members who have not yet died. The graveyard, with its brilliantly colored structures built on white sand, stretches along the side of the road for 3 kilometers. Some of the mausoleums could be mistaken for mansions. Regal stone lions abound and glittering mosaic dragons adorn the roof-ridges. 90% of the villagers have overseas relatives, who send money home, much of which is used to build tombs. Some grave markers include information on the building costs alongside the names and dates. Typical figures are between twenty-five and fifty thousand US dollars. The homes of the villagers remain humble, but the dead are resting in luxury.

* Tam Giang Lagoon .The Thua Thien Hue plain along the sea coast has many lagoons, such as those of Tam Giang, Thuy Tu, Lap An, into them are converged the water of almost all the rivers of the province of Thua Thien Hue before going to the sea, through the mouths of Thuan An, Tu Hien, or through the great lagoon of Lang Co.Tam Giang and Cau Hai are the 2 biggest lagoons with fresh water, the 2 most representative lagoons in Vietnam with a length of 70 km for the whole of the two, they form an ideal habitant for many sea species all along the province.

* Elephant Waterfall   ( Suoi Voi – vietnamese name ) The Elephant Springs make for an excellent break in your journey from Hue to Da Nang or vice versa. Packed out with Vietnamese during the weekend, the drive into the springs takes you through vibrant jungle. The springs are a series of small waterfalls and ponds, and remain in pristine condition.                                                                  

* Lang Co lagoon & Beach .With its 10 km in length, Lang Co beach bordered a section of the 1A National Highway, nearly Hai Van pass, and 24 km from Bach Ma area. With its gradually slopping, white sand beach, the average depth of under 1m and the average temperature in the bathing season of 25°C, Lang Co is an ideal beach for tourists .In Lang Co sea, there are various kind of shrimps, lobster, sea shrimp, crab, butter-fish, mackerel fish, oysters…

* Hai Van Pass.The Hai Van (Ocean Cloud) Pass is the longest and highest mountain pass road in Viet Nam with a length of 21km.  Its summit is 496m above sea level and is at the geographical boundary between Da Nang and Thua Thien-Hue Province. The pass crosses over the last spur of the Truong Son (Annamite) Range as it juts into the sea.  There is no more dangerous mountain pass in Viet Nam, but visitors to the Hai Van Pass will be stunned by its spectacular scenery and the harmonious beauty of the clouds, mountains and sea.The winding road over the pass has the lush jungle on one side and the sea on the other, and from far away it looks like a crooked ribbon squeezed between the land and the blue sky.  Sometimes, this pass is so cloudy that visitors feel like they are stepping into a fanciful and mysterious world.  On sunny days, the pass is a great place for dazzling panoramic views over Da Nang, the Tien Sa Port, the Son Tran Peninsula, the Cham Islands, and the picturesque endless white-sand beaches.

* Marble Mountain.Marble Mountains (Vietnamese: Ngũ Hành Sơn; “Five elements mountains”) is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngu Hanh Son ward, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five ‘mountains’ are named after the five elements; Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth).All of the mountains have cave entrances and numerous tunnels, and it is possible to climb to the summit of one of the peaks. Several buddhist sanctuaries can also be found within the mountains, making this a famous tourist destination.

* Da Nang Beach . End tours – Drop off at your hotel in Hoian / Hue – Have a good trip

Start time: 8:00 A.M
Finish time:  16:00 P.M

Price per person: $65 = 1.155.000 vnd

Includes: Pick up and drop off at your Hue/Hoi An Hotels, private tour with English speaking Hue Motorbike Adventure, helmet, Parking , road fee ,  , 10 VAT








road trip from hue to hoi anroad trip from hue to hoi an

road trip from hue to hoi an





  1. Mike . Australia says:

    We have stayed in Hue few days and then we would like to take hue motorbike adventure to Hoi An with guides , it was simply beautiful. We were with three people and we had three bikes and the guides. Our driver was a really cool guide who spoke good English. informed us about the countryside surroundings and also showed us nice locations to make a photo. this felt really good.

  2. Anna . Kingdom says:

    Amazing trip . Excellent tour guide, very safe driver , riding along the coast to see fishing village and lagoon view , so was amazing, We also stopped at waterfall , the Lang Co beach and stopped for the most breathtaking views on the Hai Van pass. After that we stopped at Marble Mountain Pagoda, would definitely recommend!

  3. Patric - Canada says:

    Great day from Hue to Hoi An with great guides , safe and having a great time. They have stopped at fishing village , you can chat with local people who lived there and they also taken us to city of ghost how to we said ? big money to buite this tombs , so was amazing tombs , there are more than 10.000 tombs like that in this area ,after that stopped at Waterfall , Lang Co beach , Hai Van pass , Marble mountain , end of trip at our hotel in Hoi An , Highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to travel between the two cities.

  4. Lisa . England says:

    We have group of 5 . we dicided to book from Hue to Hoi An on the back of our guides bikes.we called to book via phone ,and then we have 5 guides waiting at reception , The our driver was very safe and very fun. the whole trip was a great price. fishing village  , city of ghost and lagoon was so amazing , We highly recommend this company,

  5. admin says:

    Amazing trip , if you would like to see real vietnam countryside , do miss this trip , We loved fishing village and daily life on the lagoon , great local tombs ( ghost of city )high recommended to my friends when they are in hue , good company